Exploratory presentation at VII Art of Research conference

My pre-recorded extended abstract reading + video journey in my exhibition will be presented on 4.12.2020.

Post-apocalypse or nursery musings?

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Abstract of artist-research

In the focus of my artistic research is the potential of graphic art in the context of contemporary art. I attempt to extend printmaking and drawing across art media and writing. Printmaking is a process of disassembling and reassembling an image into layers. In my practice, this method transfers into thinking in layers and becomes a tool for creating artefacts, writing texts and executing research. Via rhizomatic combination of genres I create my own space, wordling, to use Donna Haraway’s term . The world I envision is a posthuman landscape, meaning both a world imagined in the far future after human, as well as a representation of posthumanitarian ideas: abandoning human-centeredness, searching for the possibilities of life on the ruins of antropocene. Through the term Ruinenlust (desire for ruins) I propose defamiliarization, looking at the contemporary world as it would be a subject of Giovanni B. Piranesi’s visionary etchings. I practice old, time consuming media, turning printmaking and puppetfilm into a stage for my fictional world: the current imagining is projected on Lasnamägi, a post-soviet district in Tallinn. Worlding Lasnamäe in ruins, overtaken by tropical flora and non-human fauna, puppetfilm becomes an extension of my prints, staging a layered scenario with nostalgic connotation of baroque music.


KEYWORDS: Ruinenlust, puppet animation, extended drawing, extended printmaking, layering, worlding, posthuman landscape.




Birth date and place:1984, Tallinn, Estonia



Solo Exhibitions

11/2020                            Ruinenlust: Lasnamägi”, Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

08/2020                             “Becoming a Shape of a Land(scape)”, Outvert Gallery, Ísafjörður, Iceland

10/2019                             “Once I Had …” duo with Heather Breadsley, Kraam, Tallinn, Estonia

06/2019                                “Dystopic Tallinn“, Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

08/2017                                “Multitasking“, Kuku Klubi, Tallinn, Estonia

01/2017                                “Trapped“, Draakon Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

12/2015                                “Multitasking“, Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

01/2013                                “Tilting at Windmills“, Draakon Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia


Selected Group Exhibitions

10/2019                            “From the beginning to the present: 1 + 1”, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn

09/2019                                “2nd International Print Biennale Yerevan”, Hay Art Cultural Center, Yerevan, Armenia

02/2019                                “Wiiralt Prize 2019”, The National Library of Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia

12/2018                                “A Is Missing”, trio-exhibition during artist-in-residency program, Kulturdrogerie, Vienna, Austria

12/2018                                “KulturKontakt Austria Artist-in-Residence Exhibition 4/2018”,                                                             Bundeskantzleramt, Vienna, Austria

11/2018                                “Estonia 100 in Latvia”, Mark Rothko Art Center, Daugavpils, Latvia

09/2018                                “Scala cromatica”, Budapest, Hungary

05/2018                                 “Spring Exhibition“, 17th Annual Exhibition of Estonian Artists´ Association, Kunstihoone, Tallinn, Estonia

03/2018                                “Living.Space”, curated graphic art group exhibition, Red Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

08/2017                                “Other side of reality“, curated graphic art group exhibition, Tartu Art House, Tartu, Estonia

06/2017                                “Tests“, curated group exhibition, Draakoni Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

06/2017                                “Mirror – Face to Face“, Estonian and Italian graphic art, Palazzo Cordellina, Vicenza, Italy

02/2017                                ”EST + LT + DE => Grafik: Up-to-date Graphic Art from Estonia, Lithuania and                                                                    Germany”, GEDOK Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany

09/2016                                 “Proof Print“, Muhu Print workshop exhibition (curator and participant), Hungarian Institute, Tallinn, Estonia

07/2016                                “Wo-men“, Printmaking In Festival 2016, Pärnu Town Gallery, Pärnu, Estonia

06/2016                                “Political Dress“, Ladyfest Tallinn 2016, Kraam, Tallinn, Estonia

05/2016                                “Spring Exhibition“, 16th Annual Exhibition of Estonian Artists´ Association Kunstihoone, Tallinn, Estonia

08/2015                                “Black and White“, Tallinn V Drawing Triennial (organizer and participant), Kunstihoone, Tallinn, Estonia

08/2015                                “Muhu Print“, Muhu Print workshop exhibition (curator and participant), Hungarian Institute, Tallinn, Estonia

08/2015                                “Sky is Falling“, international printmaking exhibition, Pärnu Linnagalerii, Pärnu, Estonia

06/2015                                “The Suprised Eye“, exhibition of The Association of Estonian Printmakers,  Armenian Artists’ Union Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia

02/2014                                “Literacy – Illiteracy“, 16th Tallinn Print Triennial, KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

08/2012                                “Dialogue”, Tallinn IV Drawing Triennial, Viinistu Art Museum, Viinistu, Estonia

05/2012                                “Exquisite Corpse“, organizer and participant, Gallery Metropol, Tallinn, Estonia

01/2012                                 “Shoveled up“, part of Tartu III International Printmaking Festival (curator and participant), Tampere House Gallery, Tartu, Estonia

03/2011                                “Dirty Sexy Graphic”, Non-Fibonacci group graphic art exhibition, Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn

01/2011                                “For Love Not Money”, 15th Tallinn Print Triennial, international exhibition: artist books; mail art project participant; collaboration with art group Non-Fibonacci; collaboration with art group Grafodroom, KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

01/2011                                “For Love Not Money. For Beginners”, independent part of 15th Tallinn Print Triennal (curator and participant), with art group Grafodroom, East Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

10/2007                                 “Political/Poetical”, 14th Tallinn Print Triennial, KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

Art Studio

2019 – Present           Studio in Põhjala tehas, Tallinn

2009 –2015                Grafodroom, Co-founder and member of independent printmaking studio and art collective, Tallinn, Estonia


Selected invited Lectures

12/2020                          “VII Art of Research Conference”, Aalto University, Finland

02/2017                            “Multitasking – Artist Talk”, GEDOK Gallery, Karlsruhe, Germany

3/2018                                  “Contemporary Estonian Printmaking Practices”, Red Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

11/2019                           “Estonian Contemporary Printmaking Female Artists: Spaces, Identities, Mediums”, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Vienna, Austria



2015 – 2018                         Co-organizer of Muhu Print – annual 5-day printmaking workshop and gathering event, Muhu, Estonia

2011 – Present                  Member of The Association of Estonian Printmakers

2013 – Present                  Member of The Estonian Artists´ Association


Teaching Experience

2006 – Present                  Fine Art Teacher, Collegium Educationis Revaliae, Old Town Art House, Tallinn, Estonia

2008 – Present                  Instructor, Printmaking and Drawing courses, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn, Estonia

2011 – Present                Instructor, Printmaking workshops, Evald Okas Art Museum, Haapsalu, Estonia

2011 – Present                Instructor, Printmaking workshops, Art Museum of Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia


Selected Artist Residencies and Awards

2007                                  Laureate of scholarship of E. Valtman, Tallinn, Estonia

07/2014                            Ajkai Printmaking workshop, Magyarpolánys, Hungary

2016                                  Project benefit producing solo-exhibition “Trapped” artworks, Cultural Endowment of Estonia

2018                                  3-month creative grant, Cultural Endowment of Estonia

2018                                  Project benefit for serigraphy workshop, Muhu Print, Cultural Endowment

2018                                       Kulturkontakt Austria Artist-in-Residency Program, Vienna, Austria

2019                                  Project benefit producing solo-exhibition “Dystopic Tallinn” artworks, Cultural Endowment of Estonia

07/2020–08/2020           ArtsIceland artist-in-residency, Ísafjörður, Iceland

2020                                  Project benefit producing “Ruinenlust: Lasnamägi” artworks, Cultural  Endowment of Estonia



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