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Britta Benno & Heather Beardsley Oli mul kord ... / Once I Had ...

15/10/2019 – 13/11/2019
Kraam artist-run space

Artist statement:

I am a printmaking and drawing artist from Tallinn, Estonia. I am currently preparing my doctoral research thesis at the Estonian Academy of Arts, focusing on Estonian contemporary female printmaking artists and their spaces, identities, and mediums. 
As an artist, I have worked in many different art groups, curated group-exhibitions and I have also established an independent art and printmaking studio, Grafodroom. I am a member of The Association of Estonian Printmakers and of The Estonian Artists´Association.
I use not only traditional drawing and printmaking techniques in my work, but also flat-animation, installation and sculptural forms. I believe the format should worship the concept and I feel free using whatever media and technique I feel benefits the idea.
I love endlessly experimenting with materials and media, but the basis of it all is a drawing.
Sometimes I want to give movement to my drawing – then I make an animation. Sometimes I want to give the simple drawing some sort of printmaking filter, with its effects and defects, so the image will have another technical layer. Sometimes the tool is a pencil or a marker, sometimes charcoal or chalk, and sometimes the drawing walks from a canvas directly onto a wall. And sometimes the drawn images go from a flat wall to a room, become three dimensional and turn into a sculpture.
I am always looking for a sharp and clear, graphic, black and white image for my concept. I am happiest with my work when the final result is minimal, purified and simple, so that the unnecessary has been left behind during the process. Along with finding the ideal, clear image comes the idea of repeating the image in different variations, so the result of the works are an interesting, unique unity – an exhibition.
From project to project, I have worked with very different subjects, but the thread running throughout is that I tell big narratives through very personal stories. I want the audience to get the sweet pleasure of recognition, though my work is portraiting myself and my family. Humor and the grotesque must be there, too, even if the subject is awfully serious.
I get my concepts from the air – with my eyes wide open, whilst working and living, I apprehend the actual subjects that affect me – and then the idea of the visual comes already, spontaneously. From there on, there begins the most beautiful part of artist’s life – the process of transforming ideas to a matter form.



Birth date and place: 13/11/1984, Tallinn, Estonia



2018 – Estonian Academy of Arts, Art and design department, PhD-in-practice

2007 – 2011 Estonian Academy of Arts, Fine Arts department, Graphic Art, MA

2003 – 2007 Estonian Academy of Arts, Fine Arts department, Graphic Art, BA

02/2006 – 07/2006 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Fine Arts department, prof.G.Damisch


Solo exhibitions:

06/2019 “Dystopic Tallinn”, Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

08/2017 “Multitasking”, Kuku Klubi, Tallinn, Estonia

1/2017 “Trapped“, Draakon Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

12/2015 “Multitasking“, Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

01/2013 “Tilting at Windmills“, Draakon Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

08/2012 “Experiments“ at the art festival „Estomania“, Gallery Bergman, Helsinki, Finland

05/2012 miniature exhibition “Blow Away Bad Things“, Pop-up Gallery Tank travelling:

Tallinn, Estonia (different locations) ; International Triennial of Contemporary Graphic Arts

Novosibirsk, Russia; Camp Pixelache, Helsinki, Finland

07/2006 “Experiments”, Club Zeitmaschine, Vienna, Austria

01/2005 “Several Stories”, Gallery Aatrium, Tallinn, Estonia


Selected group exhibitions:

02/2019 “Wiiralt Prize 2019”, The National Library of Estonia, Tallinn, Estonia

12/2018 “A Is Missing”, trio-exhibition during artist-in-residency program, Kulturdrogerie, Vienna, Austria

12/2018 “KulturKontakt Austria Artist-in-Residence Exhibition 4/2018”, Bundeskantzleramt, Vienna, Austria

11/2018 “Estonia 100 in Latvia”, Mark Rothko Art Center, Daugavpils, Latvia

9/2018 “Scala cromatica”, Budapest, Hungary

05/2018 17th Annual Exhibition of Estonian Artists´Association “Spring Exhibition“, Kunstihoone, Tallinn, Estonia

3/2018 “Living.Space”, curated graphic art group exhibition,  Red gallery, Melbourne, Australia; participating also with a lecture “Contemporary Estonian Printmaking Practices”

08/2017 “Other side of reality“, curated graphic art group exhibition, Tartu Art House, Tartu, Estonia

06/2017 “Tests“, curated group exhibition, Draakoni gallery, Tallinn

06/2017 “Mirror – Face to Face“, Estonian and Italian graphic art, Palazzo Cordellina, Vicenza, Italy

2/2017 ”EST + LT + DE => Grafik: Up-to-date Graphic Art from Estonia, Lithuania and Germany”, GEDOK Karlsruhe, Germany

9/2016 Muhu Print workshop exhibition “Proof Print“ – curating and participating, Hungarian Institute, Tallinn

7/2016 Printmaking In festival 2016 “Wo-men“, Pärnu Town Gallery, Pärnu, Estonia

6/2016 Ladyfest Tallinn 2016 “Political Dress“, artist-run space Kraam, Tallinn, Estonia

5/2016 16th Annual Exhibition of Estonian Artists´Association „Spring Exhibition“, Kunstihoone, Tallinn

8/2015 Tallinn V Drawing Triennal “Black and White“, organiser and participation, Kunstihoone, Tallinn

8/2015 Organiser of the international workshop and the exhibition, participation: “Muhu Print“, Hungarian Institute, Tallinn

8/2015 International printmaking exhibition “Sky is falling“, Pärnu Linnagalerii, Pärnu

6/2015 Exhibition of The Association of Estonian Printmakers “The Suprised Eye“, Yerevan, Armenia

2/2014 16th Tallinn Printing Triennal “Literacy – Illiteracy“, KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn

8/2012 Tallinn IV Drawing Triennial “Dialogue”, Viinistu Art Museum, Viinistu

05/2012 Project curator and participation: “Exquisite Corpse“, Gallery Metropol, Tallinn

1/2012 Project curator and participation: “Shovelled up“ – part of Tartu III International Printmaking Festival, Tampere House´s Gallery, Tartu

3/2011 Non-Fibonacci group graphic art exhibition “Dirty Sexy Graphic”, Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn

1/2011 “For Love Not Money”, 15th Tallinn Print Triennal, international exhibition: artist books; mail art project participation; participating with artgroup Non-Fibonacci; participating with art group Grafodroom, Kumu, Tallinn

1/2011 “For Love Not Money. For Beginners”, independent part of 15th Tallinn Print Triennal, curating and participating, with art group Grafodroom, East Gallery, Tallinn

10/2007 14th Tallinn Print Triennal “Political/Poetical”, Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn


Selected bibliography:

Uus Eesti graafika: Britta Benno, Lilli-Krõõt Repnau,  Müürileht 12/ 2017 https://www.muurileht.ee/uus-eesti-graafika-britta-benno/

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Mirror-Face to Face. Catalogue of 2017 Italian and Estonian Artists exhibition, 2017, Nerocmo, Itaalia


Art studio:

2009 – … establisher and member of an independent art and graphic studio Grafodroom



2015-… organizer of Muhu Print – workshop and gathering event for graphic artists

2011 –… member of The Association of Estonian Printmakers

2013 -… memeber of The Estonian Artists´Association


Printmaking and Fine Art teacher:

2006 – … Fine art teacher in Collegium Educationis Revaliae, Old Town Art House, Tallinn

2008 – … Printmaking and Drawing courses in Estonian Academy of Art, Tallinn



2007 laureate of scholarship of E.Valtman



2018 Kulturkontakt Austria artist-in-residency program, Vienna, Austria

brittabenno ät gmail.com