Relicts of Mankind

Relicts of Mankind

The future is now, the end of the world has passed.

The short story of mankind is over, flora and fauna have peacufully re-conquered the Earth again.  Only fragments of the history have remained from the eyeblink of once powerful human civilication.

Britta Benno exhibits a cohesive series of hybrid-painting, drawn-animation and site-specific drawings combined with drawings made especially for the collaborative project at Kulturdrogerie. The repeatetly depicted architectural object, Naturhistorisches Museum Wien located at a dystopical urban landscape after the imagined extinction of human beings, symbolizes transience of power, culture, money, tradition, religion, business and memorisation.

Drown or fell under ground museum has lost all the layers of hierarchical power systems men once created in the need of possessing all the nature and land, and becomes just a meaningless relict in a jungle of future. Maybe some creatures use it now as a cave or a nest?

Text: Britta Benno

 Photos: D. Shammas



a is missing

Britta Benno, Carina Emery, Demetris Shammas


opening: Saturday, Dec. 15th, 7 pm

exhibition: Dec.16th and 17th, 4 – 7 pm


 A is the beginning of an orderly system, the first point in a sequence of points connected by a rational line; a line that is consistent with the passage of time and the attachment of meaning. Britta Benno, Carina Emery, and Demetris Shammas deconstruct within their works the succession of events that usually take place in a linear manner, to find a pattern that is a rather layered one, one of overlap, one of things happening synchronously or inversely. Gestures in space, obscure artefacts and manipulated textures, their works alter, distort and deceive. Their starting point is either blurred or completely erased in order to build an intimate alphabet within which every letter changes shape and position to be part of a personal narration.

The group exhibition “A is missing” is developed during a 3-month residency program run by KulturKontakt Austria and takes place in Kulturdrogerie.

Britta Benno, born 1984, is a printmaker and drawing artist living and working in Tallinn, Estonia.

Carina Emery, born 1991 in Switzerland, lives in Paris and mainly works with sculptures and installations.

Demetris Shammas, born 1984, is a Cyprus-based architect–turned–information artist.


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