Britta is in Iceland

Britta is in Iceland

I exceeded the time of uncertainty, swam upstream, or flew against the wind, and arrived. I arrived to ArtsIceland residency: 

Located in the Westfjords, in the capital of this area, Ísafjörður, is quite as remote place on Earth a person can go, so I went to the end of the world. And it is very beautiful here, I am living in a scene of magical realism. I create here a heterotopic space (a new term I just got familiar with from Foucault. I like it, maybe I should use it instead of dystopia). Here I don´t have to imagine how the far future could look like, after the humankind, as some sort of alternative being already exists here, with the scenery of the dramatic curtains of the fjords. The smallness of the importance of a human is constantly reminded here by the nature. We are floating seaweed. (Concept is rough yet, as the artwork) 

Walking around here, exhausting the opportunities of local museums, shops, galleries and other sites, also reading the local authors and about the local myths, listening local bands and getting to know the local artists – this is my method of breathing in, or researching the essence of the site, as it appears to me in these two summer months. 

I use found objects as a material – found wooden blocks, canvases from second-hand shop …  The image is flowing from the drawing of the fjord –> becoming more abstract “wrinkled” shape, also I have been drawing and want to draw more found objects – stones, seaplants.. Monsters are also sneaking in the scenario.
Drawings, paintings, several tools, layered on another. The environment has ifluenced me so, that somehow I am getting more abstract and more colorful here.. is it the elves in the air? Little People?
I have been here only <2 weeks now – so, I am in the phase of still gathering, comfortable, full of potentials, becomings … Rushing would be criminal.
This is slow resistance.
Gallery is quite random photos I´ve made here. I keep the daily photo diary in Facebook and in Instagram when being here. I find it important to share the beauty I grasp here.

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